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    Trelawney Kerrigan


    Leading the team is Trelawney Kerrigan our CEO. Trelawney is superbly qualified to guide us as a qualified Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner.

    She is also the well-known author of ‘Be the woman he falls for, not the girl he sleeps with’ and ‘Be the Hollywood Heroine of your own life’. She was also the Matchmaker on TV’s ‘Millionaire Age Gap Love’ successfully matching the millionaire Sir Ian Slade.

    Lucy Hart

    Executive Matchmaker

    Lucy is quite simply one of the best matchmakers in the UK. She has a wonderful pedigree, having worked with Heather Heber Percy at The County Register for more than seven years, before joining us at Matchmakers London.

    Lucy is a consummate professional, and her boundless energy and enthusiasm for matchmaking sets her apart from the industry and provides the backdrop for some startling successes.

    Lucy - Our Executive Matchmaker
    Julie - Head of Memberships

    Julie Lazarus

    Head of Memberships

    Your journey to love usually starts with a conversation with our Head of Memberships Julie Lazarus, always without any sort of obligation or compulsion. Julie has lived in London for most of her life and understands the London dating scene very well.

    Julie has experience across the industry with Attractive Professionals, Attractive Partners, Avenues and Ultimate Attraction, before being appointed as Head of Memberships at Matchmakers London.

    Paula Gotch

    Operations Director

    Paula is best described as the ‘glue that binds our company together’. She works tirelessly behind the scenes to oversee our matchmaking team and the quality with which we operate.

    Paula has excellent experience within the matchmaking industry, having worked with Attractive Partners, Searchmate, Avenues and our parent company Dating Options Ltd.
    She adds experience, gravitas and professionalism to the team at Matchmakers London.

    Paula Operations Director

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