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Trelawney Kerrigan


Matchmaker London is completely different to the types of dating most people are familiar with, so much so that on many occasions we have been called ‘the best kept secret in dating’. We are quite proud of that!


  • Most people are surprised to learn that we are not an online dating company or dating app. We absolutely promise than swiping left or right doesn’t form any part of our service – making a decision on someone just by looking at their photograph for a second or two wouldn’t be for us.
  • We are professional Personal Matchmakers and therefore have no online presence so we can absolutely guarantee that your profile and photographs would never in any circumstances appear on an online site, they are completely confidential between you, your personal matchmaker and the carefully selected potential partners we recommend to you.
  • Your dates are also carefully vetted to ensure that they are 100% who they say they, reside at the address they provide, have no involvement with crime and are solvent and without CCJ’s and bankruptcies.
  • We also interview everyone personally to ensure that we get to know them very well and we are able to provide a compelling and accurate personal profile and also verify that the photographs being used are up to date and accurate, portraying that person as they are today, rather a decade or 2 ago (believe us it does happen!).
  • At Matchmaker London, we believe in professional matchmaking, underpinned by hard work, honesty and striving to provide the very best service in dating. What we don’t stand for or condone is gimmickry, short termism or belittling marriage and long term relationships for the sake of Television.
  • We are a close and tightly knit team, that sets the highest of standards and demands the very best for our clients. We stop at nothing to provide the very best dating service that we can and that is why we enjoy a success rate that is way above average.
  • Our database is our pride and joy. We believe it to be one of the very best nationally and it provides access to some of the most attractive professionals around London, the Home Counties and further afield when the demand arises.
  • Our range of products is comprehensive too and can offer highly personalised memberships where your matchmaking is led by Trelawney Kerrigan our CEO personally, down to memberships at a lower level that offer great value and surprisingly competitive prices for a London based agency.
  • It all starts with a phone call, which is always without obligation and our Membership Team is led by Julie Lazarus, our Head of Memberships. We are happy to talk you through our products and joining opportunities, with no obligation whatsoever – just a friendly call to put you in an informed position and to let you decide if Matchmaker London is for you.

If you are ready to learn more, we’d be delighted to talk you through what we offer. You can start the process now by clicking on the contact button below, completing the form, and we will be in touch with you usually within 24 hours.