The first thing I am asked is always “I am not sure if I need a dating coach, how can I tell?” Well if you can answer yes to 2 or more of these then we strongly recommend you banish the demons away and get the help you deserve.

  • Do you still hold a candle for an old flame, have you not quite managed to get through 48 hours without thinking about them and wondering “what if”?


    1. If this is the case then you really need to work on ditching the baggage as you will never be able to move on healthily if your heart belongs to someone else!
  • Are you finding fault with everyone you meet of the opposite sex and finding reasons not to date them?


    1. Do you find you are nit picking and coming up with the most ridiculous excuses not to date someone? The best one I have had to deal with recently was, “he lives in the next tube zone, so it will take 10 minutes longer than I had on my list!” This lady really liked the gentleman in question, they had 3 successful dates and this was then sprung on me as the reason for not seeing him again.
  • Do you tell yourself you are better alone rather than allowing yourself to get hurt again?


    1. Have you been so hurt in the past that you have resided yourself to a life or solitude and are too stubborn to allow the right person in to show you what love should really look like? All too often fear holds us back from being happy.
  • Do you keep attracting the wrong type of person?


    1. Can you not understand why you keep attracting the bad boy, the married women or men? It is due to your lack of commitment and what you are giving off to attract this type of person into your life.
  • Are you desperate to meet the right person but you frighten people off?


    1. Are you not sure what you are doing but you just can’t get that date, or get off the starting line? Some people come across so desperate that they don’t realise that they are putting themselves into the updatable category.
  • Can you never get past a 2nd or 3rd date?


    1. No matter what you do, you just don’t get that 2nd or 3rd date and nothing lasts more than a few weeks, months at most, but you don’t know why? You feel you are doing everything right and the dates seem to go well but nothing goes further than a few nice drinks and the odd meal?
  • Do you not feel confident enough to date anymore?  


  1. These signs to look out for have been brought to you by the UK’s Top Dating Coach Finalist in the IDATE awards for the last 2 years, Genevieve Zawada, who is also the CEO of Elect Club and Relationship Expert for
  2. Has something knocked you down and is preventing you from dating again? Has your confidence taken a battering from work or in another area of your life which is holding you back from letting someone special in?