Elect Club single menSingle Men, come out and play……

The Team at Elect Club and Matchmaker London have been chatting to number of single men to understand what holds them back when it comes to signing up for single events.  The findings were very revealing:




  •  Most of you we spoke to said that you find it daunting going out on a singles night alone to meet single ladies.  We have suggested that you bring a wingman with you if you really can’t face coming alone or our team responded by saying: We have listened and fully understand how difficult this can be and we want to let you know that the ladies feel exactly the same way, which is why this is a great ice breaker to talk about.

We always have teams of Matchmakers and coaches on hand to ensure you get introduced to other like minded people. No one is ever left standing alone at any of our events.  We ensure our Single Professionals are very well looked after and make the most of each event.

  •  Some of you said you were worried about the type of people who go to events.  Our team replied by saying that the vast majority of people who come to Elect events are of a very high quality and we are selective about those who join our exclusive membership.  We also charge for our events which keeps the quality at a good level. We are lucky as after 10 years of running events in London, we have a great reputation for quality people.


  • We were also told that not everyone wanted to be a member to come to events. The good news about our events is that a lot of them are open to non members.  Priority bookings will always go to a member and members get good discounts or even free tickets for some of the events but we open our doors for non members to join us for the events.

So chaps there really is no excuse not to join in the fun, and you never know you could end up meeting your future partner at our next event and we love to hear all the stories after about how happy couples are who met through us.

The next event is the post Valentines Masquerade Party in Mayfair on 19 February. to book go to: https://www.electclub.co.uk/events.php?eventref=343