Wow what a week.  Not only did I find out that I was up for an Inspirational Entrepreneur award, but I also won it.  For years I have been entered for awards and been the runner up, but never won anything, so this meant the world to me.  Not because of winning but because of what the award stands for. “Growing your personal success and projecting your talent”.  It was awarded to me at a ceremony at the lavish RBS headquarters in the City.

genevieve zawada winning Inspirational Entrepreneur Award

genevieve zawada winning Inspirational Entrepreneur Award

Some years in business, you can look back and see all the highlights and the wonderful moments, that make being an entrepreneur and business owner fantastic and rewarding. However, some years are particularly difficult for so many reasons, and not always to do with business.  Up until now I haven’t shared the year I have had with any of you. I have been encouraged to share part of my story in the hope that it will help and inspire others.
I started this year with some amazing new clients, who are all enjoying their journey to love and the January membership is always exciting.  In this excitement I was also told I had to have a couple of operations for Cancer.  This was a huge shock, the Cancer was in my face and also in my breast.  My fabulous family, friends and clients kept me going. I could easily have handed over the reigns and withdrawn.  I chose to not only continue to manage the business but to take over the running of the franchises and take the club to new dizzy heights.

In the face of adversity, giving yourself a bit of a push and a challenge can either do one of two things.  It could have completely overwhelmed me or it pulled me through fighting with my head held high.  I am so glad it was the latter and what a year we have had.  Not only did I not need any further treatment but I also introduced a number of people to their “life partner”. I was also recognised for my work after 20 years in the industry and became an Ambassador and trainer for the prestigious Matchmaking Institute. I also have appeared on SKY TV on a regular basis despite the scar on my face.  I felt I had to hide my scar away, it made me overcome many personal challenges and say to the world, yes I have had skin cancer on my face but I am ok and I am one of the Lucky ones!
This award was so symbolic and has inspired me to share so much more of my so called “pearls of wisdom”.  I will be personally writing newsletters with snippets of my journey and learnings in the hope that it will give you all courage and confidence when looking for love.  There is so much to tell, that I will write in bite size chunks.
TOP TIPS will be coming out that are relevant for the time of year and also for the questions that we are being asked that we want to share to help you.
If you want to find out how I and my gorgeous team of lovely ladies can help you, then do please get in touch.
With much love Geneviève x

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You can keep your hat on….
During my ops on my face, I lived in various hats and hid away from the world.  What was my learning and my message to you all.  Take off the hat, throw yourself out there and live each day with purpose.
The one thing I would encourage you all to do, is to be yourself.
In dating you attract what you give off and if you are hiding behind a mask or under the brim of a hat, it’s about time you revealed yourself to the world.
Take a chance like I did.  You have everything to gain and finding the right love takes courage and confidence.  I have helped hundreds of people over the years find the right love and it all starts with taking the first step. Realising that you deserve to be happy and find someone special to share magic moments with as well as challenges.
Ask yourself these questions: What do I have to offer?  Before you take that first step, take a look in the mirror and then write down what you have to bring to the relationship, what are your lovely traits? What makes you the special person you are?  Why should someone date you?  When you know who you are, you will then truly know who is the right person for you and then you will recognise them when you meet them.
We work on all these areas and many more to ensure you are ready to date and from January we will be launching our internet TV channel to give advice and run courses to support you all on your journey.
If you want to find out more about the coaching we offer and the matchmaking services then do get in touch and book a free no obligation 20 min telephone session. email