Millionaire Matchmaker UK

Millionaire Matchmaker UK

Lots of people ask us if we are anything like the Millionaire Matchmaker on the TV. Although our CEO is one of the trainers for the Matchmaking Institute and is regularly in the states with other Millionaire Matchmakers, as well as being in the Dating industry for over 20 years she has similar traits but in a fairly British way! The Millionaire Matchmaker in the US is very much set up for TV and the viewing public and is not run of the mill of what you can expect from a Millionaire Matchmaker UK wide.

When Genevieve was interviewed recently about her passion for putting people together she said “our job is amazing as we get to meet incredible people and some of them are hardworking millionaires and others are just hardworking and not so focussed on the money side of things. The clients we attract are all wonderful and we are fortunate enough having been around for so long that our reputation gets us the best people to work with. Our job is not hard, as the people are so genuine and it really feels like we are introducing friends to each other as we get to know everyone so well.” When she was asked what was the best part of her job she replied with a tear in her eye. “Going to weddings is part of the pleasure of this job and it’s just nice to watch the ceremony and sneak off with teary eyes knowing you changed two people’s lives for the better.” When asked what the most difficult part of the job was, she said “it’s sometimes difficult to help people who are not ready to be helped.  It breaks my heart when you have a fabulous match for someone and the magic doesn’t happen due to unrealistic expectations holding someone back.  We now overcome this by coaching clients and ensuring they are really ready before they start meeting potential matches, otherwise, they just won’t recognise that they are a good match, even if the possible partner had a flashing sign reading “I’m the one!”

Lots of people just don’t know what to expect from visiting a Millionaire Matchmaker UK based, so here are Genevieve’s 5 top tips to ensure you get the most from your experience and only work with real professionals.

  1. Ask about success rates, a good Millionaire Matchmaker will be happy to share their success stories with you.
  2. Take your list of questions with you so you make sure you get as much information as possible.
  3. Work with professionally accredited Matchmakers and Coaches, anyone can call themselves a matchmaker, but those who are accredited by a professional body take their jobs seriously.  The Matchmaking Institute is the body your genuine Millionaire Matchmaker will be accredited by. Coaches should be part of a professional body.  Genevieve told us she is ICF accredited (International Coaching Federation) and so are her staff.
  4. Only work with a Millionaire Matchmaker who can offer you more than just sending you a few profiles.  Ensure you get more for your money.  Those who run events and seminars, as well as offer in house coaching really want to add value to your experience and will take your application seriously.
  5. Make sure you meet the Millionaire Matchmaker face to face, never sign up with anyone you haven’t met and never hand over any money until you have seen a contract.

For more information about working with Genevieve and her team, feel free to contact her at