Matchmaking coupleNew Year is always a time for setting “Resolutions” or even new “Goals” but sometimes we don’t know where to turn to put these into place. We come up with the notion that 2016 is the year I will fall in love and some even say they want to get married this year but are yet to find a loving partner. Last January we were inundated with Single Professionals coming through our doors looking for “Happy Ever After.” This year is no exception and I want to share a ray of light with your all. We had two wonderful people join last January who were very ready to find love and enter into a committed long term relationship. We introduced them to a couple of people each but felt they would be a great match together so encouraged them to date each other first. To cut to the chase, they only had that one date through us with each other and 10 months later they were married. So you see January can be a magical time to start dating if you are in the right frame of mind and ready to commit to another person unconditionally. We help hundreds of people each year but this couple inspired us so much we wanted to share their story and help others replicate their success. We only introduce people when we know are ready and this is so important to successful dating.
Did you know that London has the largest population of Single professionals than any other capital city? So lots of people to help, but we also have the largest population of people not willing to commit, as we have the lowest number of people living together and getting married!
To help singles in London get ready for this commitment and find love, we held a New Year New You seminar in the City on 12 January where around 80 City Professionals congregated to hear a number of professional speakers deliver their top tips for finding love in our Capital.
We had some great discussions and a lot of the guests were complaining of the same issues. They didn’t get approached by the right type of people and they didn’t know why? The team of coaches all agreed that the main thing that was stopping people from being approached was their body language and the signals they were giving off and even the audience agreed when they started looking at each other, which was very enlightening and a learning curve for everyone.
You need to be open to meeting people and it’s very hard to be going out enthusiastically when you have had knock backs or a very busy day at work. Knowing who is single and who to trust was the other main issue and issues from the past coming back to haunt them and limiting their mind-sets, so they were writing off people without giving them a chance to prove they were sincere. Our Hypnotherapist from Harley Street who was presenting, taught the group a wonderful technique of letting go, which even had our staff in a trance and I have to say the team have been on great form since!
It can be so hard to put work to one side when dating and this was the other issue that came up in our seminar. So many people go to dates with a business focus and the date feels more like an interview than anything personal or remotely sexy! The top tip was not to talk shop or about past relationships! These were the big turn offs with our group and indeed in the last 22 years of coaching professionals it always is the same thing I work on. It is so important to be able to talk about yourself in a natural way that comes across sincere and not like a pre-practiced speech.
The power of “Naturalness” cannot be underestimated and is so important when it comes to our personal lives. We all have a Business Persona but to carry this into our personal lives will mean that we keep attracting the wrong people into our lives and get into a bad place when it comes to dating, which leaves us negative and feeling let down as well as frustrated with the whole dating game.
Good news is we can help you reach your relationship goal and meet the person you deserve to be with. We have helped hundreds of people break free from this and have a large pool of very happy couples who are still together and happy today. I personally started in the industry 22 years ago and Elect has been established for over 10 years and never been stronger. As an ICF qualified Coach specialising in Professional and Personal Relationships I am passionate about serving our clients and supporting them on their journey to love. We pride ourselves on our honest and open approach to working with People at all levels from all over the City.
Last year we were voted no.1 in Europe and 4th in the World by our clients through iDate and again this year we have been nominated for this prestigious award and are awaiting the results!
We would be delighted to discuss how we can help you, so please do get in touch and let us be part of your successful dating journey.