G and J filmingDating can be a minefield no matter where you are in the world. It can be complex, people can put pressure on themselves and not to mention expectations from peers around you. Surely, it’s obvious that there isn’t a rule book to give you a blow by blow of how to date the right way. Of course not. However, across the globe there are cultural expectations and trends in place to help you if you’re deviating from the ‘norm’

For example, in New York singles can be seen dating up to 5 people at a time to weigh up their options and keep an open-mind; there is a love for New Yorkers to get together and analyse each date against each other. Ruthless or wise- who knows? It’s just the way they do things. Whereas, in the UK we like to date one person at a time, assess and then perhaps move on to the next. Potentially, a mentality of Brits thinking the grass is always greener. Some might say more serious in their search for soulmate- but that’s open to interpretation.

Our team of experts are constantly looking into the world of dating, the trends around us and the methods singles use when searching for their someone. Needless to say, it was perfect timing when Elect Club’s Matchmaking team were set to task to show the world the way we are Dating in the UK, how dedicated matchmaking works on a personal level and exactly what head-hunting for our single professionals entails. Geneviéve and her entourage of experts are currently rallying around London painting a picture of what life is like to date in the capital and go through the holistic journey to successful dating that Elect Club provides. Exciting stuff? We think so.

When it comes to dating there isn’t just one way to do it or one set of rules to follow no matter what advice you read. Our CEO Geneviéve and our Matchmaking Assistant Jessica help to put the world of dating throughout Europe to rights and offer an insight into what it’s like to use a Personal Matchmaking team for expert exclusive introductions in the UK. So how are we different from the rest of World? Well watch this space and you’ll find out!

By Sarah Ryan