heart puzzleWe all know Valentines and Christmas are two of the hardest times of the year for Singles and with Valentines just over a week away we want to give you some advice to enjoy yourself and make the most of it.

Firstly did you know that Valentines is the perfect time to meet a partner, with LOVE on everyone’s mind and red love hearts in every shop window and romance being shouted out from the roof tops, who could miss it! Therefore it is on everyone’s mind and seems to put single people in a more determined frame of mind to find “the one!”

We are on hand with some great tips, which are all tried and tested and will help you find love!

If you are seriously looking for love

Look the part!

Firstly get yourself really spruced up, look and feel your best!  If you look great and feel great you will be giving off an amazing energy which will naturally attract people to you.  Revamp the wardrobe and find styles that make you feel confident.  Remember to ask a friend or family member to give you their honest opinion about an outfit, or take a photo and see if you like what you see!

Hang out in the right places

Once you are looking at your best and feel great, arrange to go somewhere that other singles will be hanging out in, don’t go to restaurants, as all you will see is loved up couples on every table.  Cinemas should be avoided at all costs too as they are full of couples watching the last release.  We highly recommend you go to singles events and there are loads on this Valentines, just go to Meet Up or look online to see what’s happening near you. The great thing about singles events is you can go alone and not feel like you are alone!  If they are well organised the organisers will ensure you are mixing with like minded people and will always have someone great to talk to.  This year Elect are holding a post Valentines Masquerade Party on Friday 19th as this seems to be historically the most difficult day for singles.  The weekend after Valentines is when most singles feel down and need something to pick them up.  visit www.electclub.co.uk to book

Sign up for online dating

Did you know that more singles join dating sites over the Valentines weekend than at any other time of the year!  Join one for free and see who takes your fancy before paying the fee!  Make sure you have a great photo and say the right things to attract the right attention.  This guide from Guru and Go gives you all the help to get started and also ensures your success all the way through the process.  You can download a copy of the guide for under £30 with this link https://www.guruandgo.com/shop/relationships/online-dating-guide/  It’s like having your own personal Dating Coach available 24/7 and those we know who have used it are all in happy relationships that we recommended it to.  We are always asked what sites we recommend and the one that seems to be popular at the moment is www.lovetraindating.co.uk as you can find matches locally and it doesn’t take long to sign up!  The searches are really easy to navigate too.

So you have no reason to stay single this Valentines and every opportunity to meet the one!  Happy Valentines with love from your London Matchmakers!