Valentines can be a difficult time if you are single and us Matchmakers have a few top tips to keep you busy and helping you to unlock the love this Valentines.

wooden-love-elect-club1. Got your eye on someone? 

If there is someone you have your eye on, this is the perfect time to tell them. Send them a romantic note, ask them for a drink, give a small gesture to them, a single flower, 2 glasses and a bottle of something they will like with a note saying “want to share this with me?”  Don’t make great big gestures as these can come across as a bit pushy but a small token is an ideal way to say, let’s see where this can go!

2. Gather your friends for a night in

Being single doesn’t mean you need to be alone, if you have a touch of the blues, then get a few friends together and go out or stay in and have a good time. Watch a film, get everyone to bring something to eat and drink and make a night of it or get a take away, put some music on and enjoy having some quality time with people who make you feel good.

3. Get online

If you are fed up with your single status then join a dating site, the one we love is it helps you find someone locally to you and doesn’t cost a fortune. It’s free to register and look around too.  So get a good photo of yourself and write up a profile and start introducing yourself to someone special.  If you are a little unsure how to make the most of dating online, we love this online dating guide which at under £30 has all you need to work through to ensure you are successful when it comes to finding love.

4. Go to a fabulous singles event

Singles Events are all the fashion, the secret is to find one that is well run and has an equal amount of men and women. is renowned for running the best Valentines Masquerade party for the last 12 years in London.  This year it is being held in fashionable Kensington at The Hyde, with cocktails, a few celebrities and great ambiance and a few little ice-breakers to ensure you mingle to meet a match.