Why People Choose Us

We may still be the best-kept secret in dating, but when people find us, they seem to like what we do. Almost every person that approaches us to find out more about the concept of personal matchmaking starts the conversation with “I have tried online dating or dating apps, and it’s not for me because…”

The public seems to be increasingly aware that meeting people online can be dangerous and that the crime rate related to online dating is growing exponentially at present. We are not talking about someone stealing a purse or a wallet, which is bad enough, but sadly also murder, rape, violent assaults, sex crime, blackmail and fraud.

Fraud has become even more prevalent since the Coronavirus pandemic, with more significant numbers than ever being involved, with cases said to be running at more than 600 per month. Losses of £66,335,239 occurred in the year August 2019 to August 2020, a figure that rises to well over £100,000,000 if we include social media. This situation has become rather serious, and the fact that it is on the rise makes it scary stuff for those of you looking for a partner.

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At Matchmakers London, we are part of the prestigious Elect Club agency, and we do everything we can to reverse the trend. More than an online dating site or dating app ever could, because we have the advantage of being a face-to-face service.

We interview everyone personally before they are allowed to join, and we also vet potential members very carefully across a range of measures to ensure that they are genuine and 100% who they say they are. That’s our guarantee.

People join Matchmakers London for many reasons, but the favourite is their need for confidentiality and anonymity. We understand why too; in London, people are highly career-focused, and many do not want their photographs and personal details on a very public and easily accessed internet site or dating app.

Happily, our service is highly confidential, and your profile and pictures are always totally private and shared only between yourself, your matchmaker and carefully selected potential matches. In no circumstances would they ever be seen on an online site.

Another primary reason that people come to us is a lack of time and the opportunity to devote oneself to the pursuit of meeting someone special. Again, this is an area where we excel, because of the hard work of our professional matchmakers. We enable you to focus on your busy schedule, with our team supporting you by finding potential partners with the hard work already done, and a strong endorsement given to your potential dates.

On occasions, clients can suffer from sensitivity or anxiety over entering or re-entering the dating scene, and we understand that reluctance. Our CEO, Trelawney Kerrigan, offers superb support to clients that need help in preparing for dating again, to give the very best chance of success during the lifetime of your membership.

One of our major strengths is our database and its extensive nature and quality, we probably have more joiners than any other London based agency, with clients joining every day. We have access to some of the most attractive and eligible people in London and the Home Counties, which enables us to offer a more specialised search when compared with other agencies, through our Headhunting facility. Searching both within our quality database and externally to provide the best quality and most relevant matches that we possibly can.

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If that sounds like the sort of dating service you have yearned for and swiping left or right is not working for you, then we’d love to hear from you. We are lucky to have Julie Lazarus, as our Head of Memberships, and it always starts with a friendly conversation with Julie to see if joining Matchmakers London would be right for you.

We offer a range of options to suit all budgets from Elect Club and Matchmakers our sister agency, and you may well be amazed at how competitive we can be against other London based matchmakers. So why not ring us on 0800 644 4120 and we can talk you through the benefits of membership.